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Paris in the late 19th century is the world capital of art, fashion, entertainment and representation in all its forms. In this society of the spectacle, fashion rises fully to the level of an art.

Democratized, mechanical lace enters the wardrobe of all social categories. Leavers looms allow for the reproduction at-will of hand-patterned laces and the production of lace ruffles and the so-called Valenciennes, which are readily fixed onto society ladies’ skirts, but also onto those of can-can dancers!

Amongst the quintessential stars of the French can-can, La Goulue (Louise Weber, 1866-1929) flouts convention and braves interdiction by daring to pose nude for the painters and photographers of Montmartre, such as Auguste Renoir and Achille Delmaet who produce “aesthetic nudes.” Working at the Moulin Rouge from 1890 to 1895, impetuous, she seduces all of Paris during French can-can sessions, frenzied dances in which she swirls her frilly petticoats and her footwork reveals alluring lace ruffles. Like the infinite reproduction of motifs in the mechanical lace, it is thanks to the posters of Toulouse Lautrec printed in series that La Goulue becomes, by the multiplication of her image, a global icon.


#Dentelles Michel Storme


To know how to revive the patternsof entre-deux, trou-trous, and passe-rubans in formats large and smallalike –this is the strength of Dentelles Michel Storme. The young producer – Michel Storme started manufacturing in 1999 – puts all of its ardor towardtransmitting a passion for Mechelen, Valenciennesand Cluny stylelaces, and toward perfectly imitating the gestures of the handmade. Here, the lace of yesteryear isrevived, produced on rare looms that are still “living,” among which are two 15-pointlooms that weave the finest possible Malines lace.

Here, each design istransformed into a work of art inspired by nature. In reduced format, roses, lilyof the valley, daisies or ears of wheat are woven in relief on an evanescent background,destined to adorn the fashion garments ofchildren and brides. The manufacturer is also expanding into the furniture sector,which is warmly welcoming their arrival.



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