#08 the seductress


A new start, a new look !


At the end of the Second World War, Europe rebuilds itself. The fashion and textile industry embarks on a new beginning. In 1947, Christian Dior revolutionizes fashion with the New Look: a strapless dress, whose narrow-waisted, flower-shaped skirt requires more than 20m of fabrics for its tulle petticoats. Femininity is rediscovered, and its excess in response to wartime deprivations causes scandal! Lace, which is particularly adapted to ball gowns and cocktail dresses, again becomes a preferred material and enjoys a strong period. The first synthetic threads are born and the advent of ready-to-wear revives clothing.

Trends spread through fashion magazines (Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, L’Officiel) which heavily advertised Calais and Caudry lace. On the red carpet, movie stars are the best ambassadors of fashion. After the beginnings of pin-up, Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962) begins her career as an actress and constructs her image: pale complexion, platinum blond hair, red lips, a drawn-on mole and triangular eyebrows. The banal young American is transformed into the icon of all icons, a legend of the silver screen. In her life as in her films, her unforgettable outfits transcend her own image – such as the ivory, pleated dress by Travilla that she wears in Seven Years of Reflection (1955). Marilyn forever embodies glamor, sensuality and America.


#Dentelles André Laude


For six generations, thislacemaker has been sharpening the essence of the senses of sight and touch. The artistic eye can transposeonto fabric the exceptional beauty of floral motifs – the privileged motifs ofthe lacemaker – which it also knows how to renderin colors. Designsand dyes must awaken the pleasure of seeing.

The perfect knowledge of thematerials at hand makes it possible to offer delicate and fine lace in Chantillyand traditional styles for mantillas, bridal veils, embroidered fabrics,Valenciennes bands and sashes. But the pleasure would not be complete if themanufacturer did not have the exceptional expertise to create woolen lace and particularlysculptural guipure effects.

What a pleasure it is to touch thesefabrics! Thesignature of Dentelles André Laude isthere, at your fingertips. The house innovates constantly to update the calendaringtechniques that gives wet effects to lace; they experiment and create forthe pleasure of the eye and in pursuit of new sensations.



# Lace André Laude
# made in Caudry
# since1850

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