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T’as de beaux yeux tu sais !


By 1930, Europe is going through its darkest years yet and with the 1929 crisis and the entry into to war, many political uncertainties hover over its future and its economy.

Haute couture is idling, fashion is functional and the recovery of raw materials for wartime rationing also applies to the purchase of textile products. To cope with the restrictions, women recycle and adapt their outfits themselves according to the occasion. They borrow the trench, beret and pants from the military wardrobe. On their short dresses, belted and with balloon sleeves, lace is rare; its production in Calais and Caudry is also reduced.

On the other side of the Atlantic, Hollywood, the legendary film city, produces in Technicolor the first international stars with devastating glamor: Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn embody the roles of independent heroines. In their shirts and trousers, often wearing a beret – an iconic piece of the French wardrobe – they detonate by their way of dressing. In France, the young Michèle Morgan (1920-2016) is distinguished by the transparency of her gaze. In Marcel Carné’s Le Quai des Brumes (1938), she is filmed with Jean Gabin, who whispers to her “You have beautiful eyes, you know!” The femme fatale is born!


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Between Jean Bracq and lace isan adventure written across time. It’s an adventure store of builders working tokeep this family enterprise alive and well, now led by its fifth generation. It’s also adventure of creatorswho weave laces…mainly for dresses. To elevate it, Jean Bracq trieseverything: bands and widths in Chantilly, veils and nets, the most embellished laces withunpredictable embroidery, ruffling and metallic additions.

The spirit of adventure livesin this inventive lace maker who knew how to modernize the Leavers loom. It is to him that we owe theabandonment of perforated cardboard in favor of computerized Jacquards. Intrepid, he is the onlylacemaker to have expanded his offer to trimmings and to what is known as Lyon lace. His motto:excel and innovate.



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