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The 1970s are protest years for Flower Power where women’s bodies are released. In the field of fashion and lingerie, it is also a revolution! Elastane fibers, such as Lycra ©, become more popular and allow fabrics and laces to embody unprecedented properties of elasticity and adherence to body curves. Lace-makers integrate this new fiber into their ranges. Festive and eccentric from the point of view of color, lace exhibits oversized floral patterns and even Cornely pearl embroidery and sparkles to fit the Disco spirit. On the sidelines of this extravagance, the era sees the advent of a feminine empowerment that begins with a masculinization of the silhouette thanks to Yves Saint-Laurent’s tuxedo in 1966, which is perpetuated in tight leather, latex and skai to showcase an independent woman who steps out of line.
The theme of the courageous, modern and emancipated woman appears on the big and the small screens. In the series The Avengers (1961-1979) the character of Emma Peel, a secret agent who is not hard on the eyes, is often presented in black sheathed outfits. In the same vein, Eartha Kitt plays Catwoman in the Batman series. In France, Brigitte Bardot opens the decade on the poster for Petroleous (1971), a Western parody where four sisters form a band of outlaws, inspiring the creation of the cartoon character Barbarella, later taken up in the film by Jane Fonda.

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In the 1980s, the rebelliousspirit of Noyon Lace revolutionizes the textile industry: the manufacturerbreaks rank by developing industrially and by democratizing elastic lace. It possesses an unquestionable heritage from a line of lacemakers, constructorsand technicians who gave birth to the company. Rebellion marks the longhistory of Noyon Lace, which has since become a key player in the sector.

This rebellious spiritcontinues: an historical activity in lingerie and corsetry first changed inits turn toward fashion and haute couture. Then, the lacemaker took on newterritories: decoration and sportswear are its new playgrounds. Today, thecompany is experimenting with the most advanced techniques to create innovativelaces with microfibers and microencapsulation. The spirit of Noyon Lace ismore than ever one of revolution.


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