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Almost Like a Virgin


Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the image proliferates. Television and the VCR are the main media formats, and the computer eventually enters homes while the Walkman® allows you to listen to music wherever you are. The advent of the music video clip in 1981, thanks to US television channel MTV, revolutionizes the world of music. The small promotional short films become a popular TV entertainment and soon an artistic genre in themselves, able to be repeated on loop via cassettes that capture both sound and image.
Ultra-mediated, fashion becomes a visual, multiple art. Free from diktats, woman now chooses her own models. This is the era of designers and supermodels. Runway shows are true media spectacles where the disruption of clothing conventions and codes is celebrated in the spotlight. Worn in transparent superposition, underwear becomes outergarment; at this time, lace finds a new place in wardrobes.

In the image of pop stars like Madonna, trends lean toward eclecticism and the juxtaposition of styles. With her hit song Like a Virgin (1984), the singer becomes the Queen of Pop as she draws on the visual vocabularies of previous decades and takes up the style and glamor of women in both old Hollywood and contemporary culture. Through her references and imitations, she pays tribute to the looks of Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Betty Page and Eva Perón. Whether in a full leather ensemble, wedding dress, or Jean-Paul Gaultier corset, she perpetually reinvents her own image. She embodies with unparalleled freedom the very idea of reconstructing identity through fashion.

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On the sidelines of the starmanufacturers, this family business has freed itself from industry codes. Rich withan exceptional inheritance from the acquisition of some twenty or so factories,Dentelles Méry seducescouture houses, ready-to-wear brands, and designers of nightwear and weddingdresses. A senseof independence opens them to the creation of multiple styles.
Sublimated, the traditionalChantilly, Alençon and Valenciennes rub shoulders with metallic and printed laces thatappeals to fans of the novel. In its great freedom of creation, the manufactureroffers lace embossed withadditions of wool, bourdons, and embroidery. The lacemaker does not hesitateto complete its offer with a range of delicate accessories, mantillas, and bridalveils which discreetly fascinate the greatest couturiers in France and around the globe.


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